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Select appropriate comb for perfect hairstyles

picIf you believe the stylists and hairdressers, correctly picked up a comb is half of hair care. At the same time, it is clear that metal or plastic comb can neutralize all efforts in the fight for a beautiful head of hair.

Using a simple guide from Skinproblemsolution you will be able to select the comb and with renewed efficiency to take care of your hair. (more…)

Salt caves – it is useful for skin

Flawless skin may povytrepyvatsya unless the baby. Adolescence is the period of life, causes the outer environment, disease and years of applied its own “footprint” on the skin. Therefore, that a very long time to keep your skin flawless and perfect, you must make some effort. This – as well as ordinary everyday care, and other, irregular, but very effective tool. (more…)