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Magic mascara

The carcass is credited with the most striking quality. Some companies even build on their advertising campaigns. For example, the American company Maybelline, according to its history, grew out of the carcass. The company’s founder, chemist T.l. Williams came up with mascara based CD of Vaseline and coal black for his sister, which tossed (more…)

Training in make-up-be careful with makeup

The makeup is to emphasize the dignity and the natural beauty of the person, and not create a semblance of masks, so before applying makeup it is advisable to take care of your skin and overall health. Management of a balanced diet, proper rest and regular exercise will turn you into a beauty far faster than any cosmetics. (more…)

Secrets luxurious lashes

M nogie girls want to have beautiful long thick eyelashes that make women look irresistible and attractive. In our time, to fulfill every desire is difficult but possible. To learn how to properly care for eyelashes to make them thicker and longer, says Passion.ru.

Statistics show that the upper lid contains an average of 90-160 cilia 8-12 mm in length, and the lower – 75-80 cilia 6-8 mm long. (more…)

How to grow eyelashes

Most women are not endowed with thick eyelashes. Noticeably long and thick eyelashes – one of the most beautiful features of the beauty of women today, as the key to beautiful eyes begins with long and thick eyelashes.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature – not always provide the kind you want, many women are looking for alternative ways to achieve beautiful eyelashes. (more…)

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