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SPA-weekend in the countryside/abroad

4_spaCountry and overseas Spa weekend program different from the city that customers are given the opportunity to stay at your hotel or holiday home, so for two or three days you can enjoy not only the treatments, but also the beautiful nature and fresh air Continue reading SPA-weekend in the countryside/abroad

Mikrosporia-fungus disease skin and hair

Before mikrosporia was called ringworm. Exciter mikrosporia was first described in the mid-19th century it was discovered on the surface of infected by fungus hair skin that consists of small, mosaic spread spores. Later were found and other types of fungi that cause mikrosporia. Continue reading Mikrosporia-fungus disease skin and hair

Correctly applying makeup

Most modern women over a period of time bothers use bright scarlet lipstick and a familiar blue mascara. If such a situation occurs, then you should definitely take care of the quality implementation of its new image – the image of chocolate. Today experts of the women’s magazine has provided its readers a new approach to the application ! Bathroom facilities , it is almost no woman can not remain indifferent. Continue reading Correctly applying makeup

Muscle Stimulation: Does it save your skin from aging?

Muscle Stimulation and muscle relaxants are also widely used for anti-aging anti-aging in modern cosmetics. For example DMAE, or dimethylaminoethanol, getting into the body, is converted to acetylcholine – a substance that regulates muscle tone in the face, and consequently – the skin. In addition, DMAE – a powerful antioxidant that helps to eliminate toxins that hinder natural regeneration of cells. Continue reading Muscle Stimulation: Does it save your skin from aging?

Diet for beautiful skin

Discard the colored soft drinks, too strong coffee, hot spices, confectionery – and you get rid of the irritation and the appearance of vascular reticula in the face. Eliminating fatty and fried foods, you will make your skin more elastic. To prevent small pimples, eating foods high in B vitamins ( cod liver oil , green salads, beets) and zinc (beef and poultry, dairy and seafood). In order to avoid excessive redness of the skin, limit consumption of spices and smoked. Vitamin E combats fine lines and Continue reading Diet for beautiful skin