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Braids and pigtails: French braid

h1Last time we talked about how to weave the volumetric Scythe. Today we once again drew attention to the French braid, but just as a border of hair nezapletennyh. In our time the spit again gaining unusual popularity, since it not only casual hairstyle of three woven curls, now this styling for work, school, a romantic date or outing. It often looks like a creation superprofessional′nyh hairdressers for fashion Continue reading Braids and pigtails: French braid

To hell with love: what do lonely on Valentine’s day?

aloneOne day a year for single people is synonymous with waking nightmare is 14 February with all traditional for this holiday with flowers, candy, kisses, love confessions, dating and other melodramatic things that are far away from the relationship of personality to the spirit does not tolerate, as any allergies. So, if your Valentine’s day you have no Continue reading To hell with love: what do lonely on Valentine’s day?

Mirror manicure

manicureLovers of unusual and extravagant will appreciate the new way of decorating nails-attachment to the nail plate mirror sheet metals. This unusual manicures have already tried on some celebrity-with mirrors on nogotkah were seen Katy Perry (Katy Perry) and Beyonce (Beyonce).

Reflecting the tips-the original decision, however, the technology for which is fashioned manicure, a little intimidating. First the master measures the size of the nail client, determines the desired shape of the plate. Then takes the metal sheet, Continue reading Mirror manicure

How to get rid of yellow teeth

yteethBefore I get to remove the yellow plaque, determine its cause. If this is the natural color of your teeth enamel painted uniformly, that affect the tone can only be sustained and very aggressive bleaching process, which can only make a dentist. Is it worth it? First, perfect white teeth is no longer in fashion, the entire world aspires to more natural shades. Continue reading How to get rid of yellow teeth