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How to learn to walk in heels?

heelHow to learn to walk in heels?

To begin choose a shoe with a comfortable pad. It does not matter whether it is the Vienna heel or stiletto heel is amazing beautiful gait depend on the facilities. And it is better to prefer thick and low kabluku (in 5-7 inches tall). Continue reading How to learn to walk in heels?

To the feet — with care!

feetRegardless of the time of year, the instability in the world, with all its disasters and fatal phenomena of nature, we do not stop to take care of themselves and how to look. Taking care of the delicate skin of the face and body, its various creams and masks, take vitamins and mineral supplements, visit fitness clubs to be taut and look decent. But is it worth to us for a moment take a look back — and we realize that those who have served us faithfully and are tireless workers, remain without proper care. Undoubtedly, this is our feet! High heels, narrow shoes, trousers and Continue reading To the feet — with care!

How to recognize varicose veins?

veinsTo the question “what is varicosity?” we usually answer, “Varices is swollen blue veins in the legs”. That is not quite true. Swollen vein-a sign that the disease is already in the running stage. However, in the initial stage of varices is almost unnoticeable, and only a doctor can recognize it memberships. But few people would go to a specialist, when external signs of impending trouble there. Continue reading How to recognize varicose veins?

Leg slimming diets

legThe weight loss diet feet

As you know, when a person is overweight, he basically increase in volume of hip and waist, as this is the favorite place of fatty deposits. However, there are situations where all the fat in the legs, thus giving them err on the side of completeness. There are also situations when a person relieves excess weight and shape is perfect, except for the feet, which are considerably better than the whole body. In order to lose weight Continue reading Leg slimming diets

Recommendations for the care of feet

Foot care is very important when onemenii feet and change its shape. To preserve the delicate and smooth skin on the feet, follow these guidelines:
Foot deformity is often associated with higher blood sugar levels. Therefore, the level of glucose in the blood should be as close to normal. Continue reading Recommendations for the care of feet