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Summer diet: lose weight easily!

summerThe counters of markets and bazaars first spring fruits and vegetables, and that means it’s time to change your diet and get ready to fly!
Time is not much, but you still have time to lose weight and secure a result if use this diet right tomorrow. No, today!

Is summer diet only for a week, and lose some weight using this summer diet can be up to 5-7 lbs for days. The main secret that will help you not to get lost weight after the diet, and maybe even lose a few kg is refusing food for 5-7 hours before sleep. In this mode, the last month, and the results will not keep you waiting: need to change wardrobe! Per month your body will adapt to the new weight, and even if you’re not going to go back to the (more…)

Tampons-history and security issues

The first disposable tampons from the softened Papyrus was produced in ancient Egypt. In ancient Greece, as described in the writings of Hippocrates, a tampon used pieces of wood, wrapped fiber. Materials for the first tampons were wool, paper, plant fibers, sponges, grass and, later, cotton.

Harm or benefit? (more…)

Food additive with fiber

Fiber for our body plays a huge role. For the most part it is dependent on how well will work in the gastrointestinal tract, not whether problems with a Chair. Hence, its importance for the maintenance of normal weight, and including it is involved in building muscle tissue. But sometimes you have to take special supplements with fiber. (more…)


Microdermabrasion stimulates cell regeneration response, as is the effect on the deeper layers of skin in the dermis are stimulated by special cells that participate in the construction of structural fibers – collagen and elastin, are responsible for skin turgor and her young, flourishing appearance. Thus, due to surface effects is aligned with relief, increases skin tone. (more…)

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