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Foot Care: Treatment of fractures

In spite of the care of feet, on the heels appeared smaller incisions and unpleasant burning sensation? Must immediately begin their treatment, otherwise they quickly prevratyatsya in painful deep cracks. Just not in any way will not yield to smear green paint cracks or iodine, they only slow the healing potsess, making the skin more dry and tough. If disinfection is required, it is better to use hydrogen peroxide. After all, our main objective – to reduce the cracks, and in any case they do not increase. Continue reading Foot Care: Treatment of fractures

Fungal infections of nails

Fungal infections of nails, or onychomycosis (translated from lat.oniho – nail, fungus disease – fungal infection), occur in 2 – 5% of the population. Most of the development of the fungus occurs in people with lowered immunity.

Onychomycosis include several fungal diseases caused by different pathogens and proceeding as with the defeat of the nail, and with the involvement of skin and hair. Onychomycosis include loss of nails, both on their toes and hands. Continue reading Fungal infections of nails


Fungal infections (mycosis, units. Pm, Greek. Mykes mushroom, syn. Mycotic diseases) – a large group of skin diseases caused by pathogenic fungi.

Classification of fungal infections is carried out by various characteristics of diseases: on the genus and type of fungi, the depth of their penetration into infected tissues, preferential localization. Distinguish the following types of fungal skin diseases: Continue reading Mycosis