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Gastro-intestinal tract as an internal cause of acne

Some researchers give the palm prevenstva as the cause of acne stomach, intestines and healthy eating. According to them, hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands in the development of fat and, therefore, virtually the only cause of acne – it’s the wrong style food, which is dominated by carbohydrates, and the body at the same time lacks the essential amino and fatty acids. Formulation of the skin of excess fat is Continue reading Gastro-intestinal tract as an internal cause of acne

How to care for oily skin

1.How can rarely touch the face! Naturally, it’s your face, and once you master it (or mistress). But at least in the office and on the street, restrict their movements in relation to problem areas. Wipe your nose or forehead, antiseptic wipes, handkerchief, get makeup perfectly clean powder puff. In short, do not aggravate the situation, not to bloat the bacteria deeper. Continue reading How to care for oily skin

Pimples on the face

Pimples on the face – is household name acne – inflammatory formations of the sebaceous glands of skin. In each of these glands, located deep in the skin, there excretory duct through which sebum reaches the surface of the skin. When plugging the duct, it accumulates in the gland, which causes inflammation and acne on his face. Process is exacerbated by the accession to the inflammatory process of microbes. Continue reading Pimples on the face


Acne (Acne vulgaris), syn. blackheads youth – a chronic, often relapsing disease characterized by purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Acne is the result of an imbalance of androgens in the body and, consequently, enhance sebaceous excretions. Ducts of the sebaceous glands clogged sebum and comedones arise – black eels. Standing in the blocked ducts sebum begins to decompose, forming a fertile breeding ground for pathogenic organisms, mainly coccus, Continue reading Acne


Carbuncle – pyo-necrotic inflammation of multiple hair follicles, which merge and form a single inflammatory infiltrate. Usually develops as a result of the same factors that boil (skin contamination, trauma, excessive secretion of sweat glands, diabetes, etc.). The disease is localized in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, the most common place occurrence of entities – the back of the neck, shoulders, buttocks and waist. Continue reading Carbuncle