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Green tea: the secret of the tone of Gwyneth Paltrow

greenA new review of the case of stellar examples for others to follow, without the fans of healthy living Gwyneth Paltrow? One of the secrets of her slimness, and her skin is looking green tea. The actress is addicted to it after pregnancy, to get rid of extra pounds: I just saw the fresh Chinese green tea leaf and two weeks after birth, when I still could not storm the gym, without any effort has lost two pounds, “says Gwyneth. Is it any wonder that the star is the favourite drink today? (more…)

Secrets of the tea pure skin

tea pureYou want to enjoy natural and effective cosmetics to skin was always clean, no redness, irritation and pimples, greasy luster and age spots? All at your fingertips: different teas successfully solve skin problems. We will tell you how to cook and how to apply tea beauty. (more…)