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Fast food and lifestyle

erhmanWe all know that man and woman are eating very differently. But as far as “different”, many of us realize only when starting to live with her husband in the same apartment, having received the so called rights-dubbed Zim Zum “right to go into the refrigerator and make sure there is nothing there (well, maybe just the dumplings, which lie in the freezer since prehistoric times, and that you vymorazivat‚Ä≤ ICES, like mammoths). Continue reading Fast food and lifestyle

Goiter: cause or consequence?

painIt happens that the natural balance of microorganisms is broken: vary their quantitative and qualitative composition. There are a variety of reasons, that can lead to a failure, for example, the banal overeating or emotionally intense day. But in a healthy body, it is very short: fails even after such a “radical” procedure, as colon hydrotherapy, initial microbial landscape restored for a few hours, up to a maximum of 24 hours.
But here’s the body, weakened by constant stress, unhealthy diet or trendy diets, uncontrolled self-medicate, especially with the use of antibiotics, are unable to keep their little helpers, and those start to perish. A holy place, as it is known, is never empty! And released “living space” are fungi and bacteria. Continue reading Goiter: cause or consequence?

Where to get the strength for the spring update, or what can vitamins

1_vitaminyHow much useful for our health holds little bean! “Vita-mine-supply life”-sounds like the music … Their “classic” source-natural products: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, herbs, eggs, and dairy products. But whether bias refer to pharmacy polivitaminam? Or is it better to choose the “right” vitamins, safety and efficiency of which do not have to doubt? Continue reading Where to get the strength for the spring update, or what can vitamins

Skin diseases

Our skin serves as a sort of calling card, a reflective age, lifestyle, occupation, habits. On the skin, you can even make a diagnosis when a person is suffering from any disease. The skin is not only a cover for the body, but very complex entity that performs important functions in protecting the body Continue reading Skin diseases