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How to keep healthy teeth: an effective fight against tooth decay

teethTooth decay is the most common dental disease, almost everyone confronted with it at least once in their life. What are the symptoms of tooth decay, and how to protect the health of teeth from this disease? Continue reading How to keep healthy teeth: an effective fight against tooth decay

4 diamond rules how to keep skin young

how-to-stay-young1. The most important to your skin was always taut and not so quickly was covered with wrinkles is to maintain a stable weight. Here the main will not lose to the incomprehensible standards, namely, the maintenance of a stable weight, whatever it may be. Weight directly affects the condition of your skin, because of his constant changes that stretch the skin, then make her shrink, and over time, it begins to lose its elasticity, resulting in a huge number of wrinkles. Of course, the best way to achieve the correct weight and maintain it at all times. Overweight enough to affect health, so you need to just reduce the amount of food eaten, to find in life positive emotions, and your weight has stabilized, and no diets, dispose of this stress. Continue reading 4 diamond rules how to keep skin young

TRENNKOST: what, why, when?

TRENNKOSTTRENNKOST: what, why, when?All calories carefully counted portions weighed up to grams, daily menu painted on the clock, and the results do not inspire diet? You might want to pay closer attention to the compatibility of the products?

Supporters of the separate nutrition claim: once in the stomach at the same time are let and low calorie, but products are incompatible with each other, their digestion is difficult. Separate power systems developer, American scientist Herbert Shelton argued that the conditions necessary for the digestion of different types of foods are different: for the cleavage of proteins to the acidic environment for carbohydrate-alkaline. If we eat food that contains a lot of Continue reading TRENNKOST: what, why, when?

That conceal our genes?

fitnessWhy have one pair is born a boy with brown eyes, while the other is a girl with green? Why do some positive RH factor blood and some negative, some have low blood pressure, and someone is high?

The answers to these difficult questions gives genetics, which most of us from school times seem daunting and distant from life. Continue reading That conceal our genes?

Today it is fashionable to be healthy!

fashionThe only tricks don’t come we modern women to look their best! Solarium, beautician, sauna, spa treatments, fancy diets-our services all the novelties of the beauty industry! But look a woman and be it is not at all the same thing. Not if we are missing something important in the pursuit of external signs of health?

Do you remember the old ditty: “what, what, what made our girls?” what are we, the modern women? I would like to say: “Of your beauty and health, love and happiness, holidays and sea, the mindset of the loved one.” Continue reading Today it is fashionable to be healthy!