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How to raise blood pressure

bloodIt is important to know that to date no medicines that can safely raise your blood pressure. All of the affordable medicines have different side effects and may not be used permanently.

First of all, you need to determine the cause of the problem, the permanent control of parameters and use proven ways that individual for each patient. These methods help maintain blood Continue reading How to raise blood pressure

Entertaining contraception

enjoyIt turns out, planning the birth of children, there have been many millennia ago.

Egyptians used crocodile dung as a contraceptive (and help!), Roman hetaera-gold rings, and a lover of all time next to preserve beloved preferred Casanova from unwanted offspring of lemon rind. The Indians were forced to chew some of Squaw with parsley and most naïve of our great-grandmothers-slavanok firmly believed: after the carnal appetites of three times to spit in the mouth of the frog-and conception Continue reading Entertaining contraception

To the feet — with care!

feetRegardless of the time of year, the instability in the world, with all its disasters and fatal phenomena of nature, we do not stop to take care of themselves and how to look. Taking care of the delicate skin of the face and body, its various creams and masks, take vitamins and mineral supplements, visit fitness clubs to be taut and look decent. But is it worth to us for a moment take a look back — and we realize that those who have served us faithfully and are tireless workers, remain without proper care. Undoubtedly, this is our feet! High heels, narrow shoes, trousers and Continue reading To the feet — with care!

DND chest

breastEach nine women suffering breast cancer. Therefore, all women, regardless of age, you need to track minute changes in your body. This means you have to know how to look and how to feel healthy breasts in order to identify inconsistencies as soon as possible and seek medical attention. Continue reading DND chest

Fast food and lifestyle

erhmanWe all know that man and woman are eating very differently. But as far as “different”, many of us realize only when starting to live with her husband in the same apartment, having received the so called rights-dubbed Zim Zum “right to go into the refrigerator and make sure there is nothing there (well, maybe just the dumplings, which lie in the freezer since prehistoric times, and that you vymorazivat′ ICES, like mammoths). Continue reading Fast food and lifestyle