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MILF, dyhnite in a tube

smokingIn the British Heart Mikromediciny instrument was designed to determine the level of co (carbon monoxide) in pregnant women and in the body of her unborn fetus. To find out the level of the woman should be breathalysed in the tube, then the indicator will show the Continue reading MILF, dyhnite in a tube

Diet for glycemic index

1320442415_9Trendy diets gradually give way to healthy diets and practical. This trend is welcomed by not only fans of diets and healthy lifestyles, but nutritionists and other representatives of physician bnogo community. The popularity of dieting on glycemic deposit index-its ability to accelerate weight loss by speeding up metabolism. Continue reading Diet for glycemic index

Clay, mud, sand – treatment and therapy

Due to their physico-chemical composition of mud have thermal, inflammatory, analgesic and resolving impacts and promote a system of connective tissues, endocrine glands, increase metabolism and blood circulation.

Procedures mud last from 15 to 30 minutes in a specially-equipped mud baths, mud temperature at 37-46 degrees, repeated every day or 2 / 1, Part 1 course consists of 12 to 18 procedures. Continue reading Clay, mud, sand – treatment and therapy