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Select options for hairstyles for summer

pic1.jpegMotto this summer stylists and beauty-makers declared natural and deliberate negligence. Skinproblemsolution has collected 5 options simple hairstyles summer 2015.

Spit-bezel: today in fashion various spit and weaving, simple and complex, but the bezel of the hair around the head can tie up yourself girl with any length of hair, from the rack to the waist. Create a hairstyle in the boho style is simple: start to weave braid from the temple to the opposite Temple and fasten under hair or behind the ear the Invisibles. Continue reading Select options for hairstyles for summer

Does the hoop to lose weight?

hoop loseMany of us dream of becoming the owner of slim and beautiful shapes, sometimes spending a huge amount of money on exercise equipment, fitness clubs memberships, miracle cures. In the pursuit of all those hoping just a little to lose weight and become slimmer we don’t notice that all we Continue reading Does the hoop to lose weight?