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How to quickly and easily get in shape for summer

summer shapeThe hunger games against the fridge, aggressive campaigns in the gym, do you think this is the only way to get in shape for summer? And here and there: here are 20 ways to lose weight without effort and sacrifice.

Impose a ban on delicious and cover the mouth of the Castle at six pm isn’t worth it. Once a day let alone the sweetness of 100 calories worth. Either postpone it for later. Continue reading How to quickly and easily get in shape for summer

The sexual revolution: Viagra for women

sexualityThe following year on sale after a new drug that promises to make a real revolution in sex for women. In anticipation of the long-awaited “magic pills” we decided to sort it out, are we on the threshold of new discoveries or make a big step backwards? Continue reading The sexual revolution: Viagra for women

More sleep-less weighed!

sleepHave you ever noticed that after a long sleepless night is worth a lot more than usual? And it is quite natural! U.s. and British researchers have found that if you sleep less than two hours a day, then inevitably pribavlaes′ in weight. Due to the hormone ghrelin, which increases the feeling of hunger. Continue reading More sleep-less weighed!

Only pleasant surprises

safeThe choice of a hormonal drug depends on many factors-from age to health. In addition to protection from unwanted pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives on the woman’s body, a number of medical and prophylactic effects: reduce the pain of menstruation, PMS help fight and prevent development of Gynecologic diseases like ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. However, before applying them to consult with a physician-gynaecologist. Continue reading Only pleasant surprises

Cellulite diet: fight orange peel!

cellMany celebrities suffer from cellulite is much larger than we are with you. We leave in the summer on the beach or take a thin dressing gown in front of a man in the hope that no one will notice. Heavier stars-paparazzi to notice everything and pictures of cellulite legs Hollywood beauties fall into the public domain. Continue reading Cellulite diet: fight orange peel!