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Stone therapy: healing power of stones

stoneStone therapy is a means to get rid of diseases

Christmas and new year holidays are the best time to take care of yourself! The following year feel great, you need to not only celebrate a holiday, but also result in excellent shape before new labour weekdays. Combine business with pleasure will help the stone therapy is a great way to relax and get pleasure from the body! (more…)

Makeup in the heat: to stand still!

Hot weather – a serious test for the skin. But you want to stay beautiful even at this time. Our tips will help you learn the basics of make-up and stable look confident in the hottest day.

That cosmetics are not dripping, prefer waterproof cosmetic products.
Base for make-up

Base for make-up makes the skin more visually healthy, and skin tone – even. Waterproof base for make-up to cope with these problems, and provides a long and lasting effect. If you want your make-up lasted all day, use a special base for make-up – a primer. And (more…)