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That conceal our genes?

fitnessWhy have one pair is born a boy with brown eyes, while the other is a girl with green? Why do some positive RH factor blood and some negative, some have low blood pressure, and someone is high?

The answers to these difficult questions gives genetics, which most of us from school times seem daunting and distant from life. Continue reading That conceal our genes?

Injection for gipertonika

injectIt is no secret that hypertension is a common diagnosis of the elderly. However, the percentage of hypertension among young people is increasing, forcing doctors to look for new ways to deal with an insidious disease. Not so long ago, was organized by a group of 72 people, suffering from high blood pressure, in order to test the new feature, the vast production of angiotensin, the hormone that causes vasoconstriction. Continue reading Injection for gipertonika

The banana diet

bananaBanana diet: the medical side of the coin.

Banana diet is ideal for those who have problems with the intestines and kidneys. Bananas are also useful in disease of the stomach and pancreas, especially for gastritis Continue reading The banana diet

How to make Chinese massage

chineseRegular use of Chinese acupressure massage improves memory in children and adults, raises mental fitness. It helps with headaches, fatigue and insomnia. In addition, this type of impact is used in the treatment of hypertension, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, constipation and stomach ulcers. Continue reading How to make Chinese massage

The fashion for health: how to harmonize the mineral balance

skin balMagnesium balance: important facts

Today, young people, and young ladies with concerns about preservation of youth and beauty, buy the annual cards fitness centers, know how to count calories, know the basics of building a Continue reading The fashion for health: how to harmonize the mineral balance