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Sick head rest does not give

sickIn the light of the fortunate ones who have never a headache. This is about 20% of women and half of men (apparently, man’s head is stronger). The rest of this issue occurs at least once a month if not more often.

Deal with the headache of mankind has tried for a long time, which in ancient times were very exotic means. For example, some primitive tribes have been drilling a hole in the skull, and in ancient Egypt to head put newborn little crocodiles. Probably helped. But we will not be experimenting, and talk about how to fight modern with headache medicine. Continue reading Sick head rest does not give

Syndrome of 90/60: how to say “no” to the low tone

90If you’re a long time sitting in a stuffy Office and not enough time to go to the gym and weekend walks in the fresh air like sofa and TV, then, perhaps you noticed that increasingly begins to ache, the working EFFICIENCY is steadily creeping down, and home pripolzaesā€² you are wrung-out, like a lemon. In such cases rarely come to the idea to measure your blood pressure, and for good reason: fairly common among young girls such as hypotension, malaise. Hypotension is low muscle tone or vessels, arterial hypotension-low blood blood pressure blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels. For simplicity, the doctors call this phenomenon simply suffer, and people with a penchant for low blood pressure,-gipotonikami. Continue reading Syndrome of 90/60: how to say “no” to the low tone