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Pretty face/makeup-face care rules

Every woman wants to look at all times and please men irresistible, but do not always have the time for it. The modern pace of life sometimes gives us a breath in the Chase for a career, luck and a lot of money. However, to achieve the desired tops for women (and men too) you must always look perfect, or at least closely monitor their looks. There are still on the dress.

What are the simple rules for taking care of themselves, which do not require too much time and money? Continue reading Pretty face/makeup-face care rules

Beauty: twenty tips

Beauty fades with age and slipping away-but only if you do not make an effort to keep. However, maintaining the manicured beauty requires some effort and time. However, you can improve your appearance from head to toe, with little effort. In this case there are no trifles. At the end of these things and your whole image. Continue reading Beauty: twenty tips