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Burst vessel in the eye

eyeChanges in the eye are noticeable right away with the naked eye. Very often the first symptom of the fact that in the body something wrong are red eyes. Cause of the redness in the eye can be fatigue, insomnia, stress, long sitting behind a computer or a book, and inflammatory diseases of the eye. Another cause of sore eyes is a burst blood vessel. In this case, the sclera (white of the eye) becomes red and not pay attention to such a defect is impossible. (more…)

The immune system of the child: If the child frequently suffers from

childrenIf the child during the year migrates from one to three
viral infectious disease of the respiratory system, panic is not worth it. Another
the case, if the child suffers from diseases occur more frequently with complications (bronchitis,
pneumonia, sinusitis, otitis) and last for weeks, if repeated serious
infectious diseases that should shape the immune system for life (more…)

Where to get the strength for the spring update, or what can vitamins

1_vitaminyHow much useful for our health holds little bean! “Vita-mine-supply life”-sounds like the music … Their “classic” source-natural products: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, herbs, eggs, and dairy products. But whether bias refer to pharmacy polivitaminam? Or is it better to choose the “right” vitamins, safety and efficiency of which do not have to doubt? (more…)

11 essential tips gynecologist

gyneo1. Condom is traditionally considered to be the most common contraception. At the same time, you should know that right now in the domestic market are substandard condoms, whose use can cause unwanted pregnancy, infection of genital herpes, hepatitis and other viruses. Buying a condom, you need to (more…)

Neutrophils-protect against infections

Human blood has many functions, one of which is protective of white blood cells-leukocytes. Certain types of white blood cells do their job of protecting the body from infection. Together they represent a harmonious “Ensemble”, in which everyone is busy with his business without disturbing the other. (more…)

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