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We choose Yoga!

yogaClass schedule in practically every sports club and fitness centre you can find the word “Yoga”. This text will help you understand what is being taught at this institution and on which system to choose.

YOGA IYENGAR. Today it is the most popular yoga in the world. Its creator, B.K.S. Iyengar, is rightly considered one of the greatest Yogis of today, more than 60 years of training to understand this practice. This type of Yoga is perfectly adapted for the Europeans, however, does not lose its original integrity. (more…)


Fungal infections (mycosis, units. Pm, Greek. Mykes mushroom, syn. Mycotic diseases) – a large group of skin diseases caused by pathogenic fungi.

Classification of fungal infections is carried out by various characteristics of diseases: on the genus and type of fungi, the depth of their penetration into infected tissues, preferential localization. Distinguish the following types of fungal skin diseases: (more…)