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How to get rid of komarinogo bite with the help of improvised means

kamaringoIce cube

In summer, everyone there is ice in the fridge. Apply an ice cube to bite: cold relieves swelling and ease the pain. By the way, the Council specifically to treat mosquito bites in the water, you can add a few drops of Mint oil and then freeze. Thus, the only ice usilits

Menthol balm

This inexpensive tool sold in every drugstore. The composition included balm, (more…)

The solution of problem skin

Safi is the best collection of medicinal alternative medicine for prevention and treatment of skin diseases. In It combines the best plants of Ayurveda, which purify the blood, as well as blood circulates throughout the body and nourishes every organ. Therefore, purifying the blood, Safi syrup helps get rid of many (more…)