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Diet on the Passport

dietWhat’s the problem?
A big problem in this age is the deficiency of iron in the body. Nalegaj on products containing iron: pork and beef liver, kidney, egg yolks, nuts, apples and asparagus, oysters.
Besides, 20 years is an age when many girls are thinking about planning a baby. Prepare the body for pregnancy and maternity costs in advance: eat more foods rich in folic acid (beans and kidney beans). Continue reading Diet on the Passport

Effective treatment of cystitis

cytisisCystitis “title =” effective treatment of cystitis “class =” imagecache imagecache-body-150 x 150/> “according to statistics, every second woman at least once in a lifetime experience with symptoms of cystitis, which usually manifest themselves in the form of frequent painful urination, lower abdominal pain, pain and burning sensations. In some cases these are added fever and nausea. Continue reading Effective treatment of cystitis

Meat diet-are possible complications

Meat diet, like any other, the sponsoring drink plenty of protein, extreme diet, it is not all. Not too it is suitable for summer-time vacation and increased activity, since protein nutrition produced little power. Of course, you can lose weight on this diet, but no one can guarantee that there won’t be complications. Continue reading Meat diet-are possible complications

Clay, mud, sand – treatment and therapy

Due to their physico-chemical composition of mud have thermal, inflammatory, analgesic and resolving impacts and promote a system of connective tissues, endocrine glands, increase metabolism and blood circulation.

Procedures mud last from 15 to 30 minutes in a specially-equipped mud baths, mud temperature at 37-46 degrees, repeated every day or 2 / 1, Part 1 course consists of 12 to 18 procedures. Continue reading Clay, mud, sand – treatment and therapy