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Named after Miss artificial body»

miss“Miss artificial body of Hungary-22-year-old Urban River (Reka Urban) believes that plastic surgery can look” beautifully and naturally. Winner of an unusual beauty contest, which was held in Budapest, went under the knife three times: she had breasts, facelifts and nose shape. Growth 175 cm girl weighs 47 kg. The Queen of plastic surgery has 18 contestants, who also laid claim to the Honorable (or humiliating) title. By the way, to the rank of a flat in the Centre of Budapest. (more…)

Total immersion: floating

floatingFloating are called sensory deprivation Chamber. That is, the camera, the insulation from any sensations. It was invented by doctor John Lilly, explores the State of brain, deprived of external stimulation. These clever words worth one: how a person will behave without all that accustomed to: the sounds, smells, colours, people? Only you and. .. are you. One in the float Chamber. (more…)

8 signs of manicured women

manicured womenIt is no secret that the current condition is one of the major pillars of the beauty of women

Experts call the eight signs of manicured women.

1. beautiful hair. There are two main components of beautiful hairstyles: correct trimming and quality care. The head should always be clean and well-groomed. (more…)

Increase lips with makeup

Owners of thin lips do not be upset, we know a few secrets as to give them a visual volume, and gladly tell you about it …

Board 1. When choosing a lipstick or lip gloss, you should choose lighter shades. Thanks to them, your lips will look much more elaborate.

Tip 2. Do not forget to use a lip pencil, his tone should also be solid. (more…)

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