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Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Eat sunflower seeds

Today on the shelves a huge variety of snacks. Recommend that you leave the bag of chips for enemies and themselves take the pumpkin seeds. They contain substances that make skin elastic, prevent the emergence of black spots, improve the condition of hair and nails. Eat on handfuls of seeds per day and you verify their effectiveness. (more…)

To hell with love: what do lonely on Valentine’s day?

aloneOne day a year for single people is synonymous with waking nightmare is 14 February with all traditional for this holiday with flowers, candy, kisses, love confessions, dating and other melodramatic things that are far away from the relationship of personality to the spirit does not tolerate, as any allergies. So, if your Valentine’s day you have no (more…)

Myths and reality

eyeclinicThe problem in the modern world view plays a very important role. Long work at your computer, reading in low light or at transportation, environment and other factors have contributed to the deterioration of our vision. You have to look for solutions to this problem. There is a well-established view that points-the most secure method of vision correction. However, for all its merits, it also has disadvantages. If the problem of sweating (more…)

lose weight quickly for new year

new yearAlready quite close many favorite holiday. You already have your image, choose a trendy new year’s makeup, hair for the new year and … were surprised to discover that the only and unique dress that was supposed to make you the Queen of the party, said all of the problem areas that you would like to hide? How do you quickly and without harm to health lose weight for the new year? (more…)

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