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8 signs of manicured women

manicured womenIt is no secret that the current condition is one of the major pillars of the beauty of women

Experts call the eight signs of manicured women.

1. beautiful hair. There are two main components of beautiful hairstyles: correct trimming and quality care. The head should always be clean and well-groomed. Continue reading 8 signs of manicured women

Can you live with oily skin

Oily skin is always delivered to its owners many troubles and experiences. This is not surprising: persistent greasy shine, enlarged pores, pimples and Acne can make the unbearable the life of any person. However, humanity has already long ago does not go to the nature. Over the course of several thousand years people successfully do battle with his fault. The long history of this confrontation has accumulated a vast amount of tools and tricks that help owners of oily skin look beautiful and elegant. But in order to get a good result, you need to uncompromisingly Continue reading Can you live with oily skin

Training in make-up-be careful with makeup

The makeup is to emphasize the dignity and the natural beauty of the person, and not create a semblance of masks, so before applying makeup it is advisable to take care of your skin and overall health. Management of a balanced diet, proper rest and regular exercise will turn you into a beauty far faster than any cosmetics. Continue reading Training in make-up-be careful with makeup

Most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics

Have you ever thought of what made your shaving cream or your favorite perfume? Probably not – cosmetics stored in your bathroom, falls into the same category as the sauce: as long as it is harmless, people do not think about the composition of the cosmetics they use. However, the comparison with the sauce is not too relevant: the ingredients that are used to make cosmetics, which is disgusting. Continue reading Most disgusting ingredients in cosmetics

Lip gloss

In the last few years enormous popularity of “blink” cosmetics. Sequins are the most fashionable part of modern makeup. There shadow with glitter, shiny mascara and hair and even a brilliant foundation. But all the records broken lip gloss, which now enjoys every self-respecting fashionista. Surprisingly, lip gloss – this is not an invention of modern times. This tool was used during a few centuries ago the ladies at the French court. In XIX century the gloss was the prerogative of the Continue reading Lip gloss