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Increase lips with makeup

Owners of thin lips do not be upset, we know a few secrets as to give them a visual volume, and gladly tell you about it …

Board 1. When choosing a lipstick or lip gloss, you should choose lighter shades. Thanks to them, your lips will look much more elaborate.

Tip 2. Do not forget to use a lip pencil, his tone should also be solid. (more…)

Mineral makeup does not fit all

Today, people all paying more attention to their health, not only buy organic foods, but prefer mineral makeup is created from natural ingredients.

Mineral makeup is best for the skin: its effectiveness provides a useful natural ingredients. And while some people still do not consider mineral makeup cosmetics, effective alternative to traditional, expensive products, many women from well known brands prefer natural cosmetics. (more…)

Makeup in the heat: to stand still!

Hot weather – a serious test for the skin. But you want to stay beautiful even at this time. Our tips will help you learn the basics of make-up and stable look confident in the hottest day.

That cosmetics are not dripping, prefer waterproof cosmetic products.
Base for make-up

Base for make-up makes the skin more visually healthy, and skin tone – even. Waterproof base for make-up to cope with these problems, and provides a long and lasting effect. If you want your make-up lasted all day, use a special base for make-up – a primer. And (more…)

The shadows last longer

Putting makeup, women dream to cosmetics fell flat and kept long. But success is not always achieved. Can I make eye shadow last longer and how to do it?

To make the shadow last longer on the eyelids and prevent wrinkles and uneven, it is necessary to use the base. Using a foundation, it is possible to achieve the desired shade and shadow to make eyes more expressive. And the effect will last much longer. The basis of the need to apply a thin (more…)

Correctly applying makeup

Most modern women over a period of time bothers use bright scarlet lipstick and a familiar blue mascara. If such a situation occurs, then you should definitely take care of the quality implementation of its new image – the image of chocolate. Today experts of the women’s magazine has provided its readers a new approach to the application ! Bathroom facilities , it is almost no woman can not remain indifferent. (more…)

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