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Crystal Body Makeover

Crystal Body Art – a modern way of decorating the body by means of lenses, which are applied directly to the skin.

Relatively new, this kind of jewelry has earned the respect of the best stylists and fashion designers: the lens can be matched to the color of the materials, and easily placed anywhere on the body or in the hair.

Application methods: Continue reading Crystal Body Makeover

Insufficient attention to the neck

As a rule, we consider the person in isolation from the neck. And when applied makeup, and when a person take care of.

Correcting: When using sunscreen, apply not only to the person or on the neck and neckline. No need to spend money on special funds for the neck, will suit your usual means for the person. Continue reading Insufficient attention to the neck

How to choose makeup for dry skin?

It is important that hydration of facial skin is regular and effective – not only in the office of a cosmetologist, but also at home. In creams and serums are frequently used substances, which reduce moistening capacity of the stratum corneum – amino acids, lactic acid, urea, and sodium, as well as minerals that make up the thermal waters. Continue reading How to choose makeup for dry skin?

Secrets luxurious lashes

M nogie girls want to have beautiful long thick eyelashes that make women look irresistible and attractive. In our time, to fulfill every desire is difficult but possible. To learn how to properly care for eyelashes to make them thicker and longer, says Passion.ru.

Statistics show that the upper lid contains an average of 90-160 cilia 8-12 mm in length, and the lower – 75-80 cilia 6-8 mm long. Continue reading Secrets luxurious lashes

Femininity Itself

N astana most favorable time, when you can wear the open gown, beach sundresses and swimwear candid. But in order that these things were perfect, it is necessary, among other things, to have beautiful breasts. So we offer you all remember the well-known ways to support the bust in perfect condition and begin to finally use them regularly. Continue reading Femininity Itself