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Secrets luxurious lashes

M nogie girls want to have beautiful long thick eyelashes that make women look irresistible and attractive. In our time, to fulfill every desire is difficult but possible. To learn how to properly care for eyelashes to make them thicker and longer, says Passion.ru.

Statistics show that the upper lid contains an average of 90-160 cilia 8-12 mm in length, and the lower – 75-80 cilia 6-8 mm long. Continue reading Secrets luxurious lashes

Caring for the eyebrows and eyelashes

To make your lashes were long and thick they need constant care. It is useful to comb their special brush or a brush, soaking it in a mixture of castor oil and brandy in equal parts. A drop of vitamin A Massage gently through the growth of cilia. In the daily care of lashes they grow very quickly, becoming shiny and darker color. Continue reading Caring for the eyebrows and eyelashes