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That conceal our genes?

fitnessWhy have one pair is born a boy with brown eyes, while the other is a girl with green? Why do some positive RH factor blood and some negative, some have low blood pressure, and someone is high?

The answers to these difficult questions gives genetics, which most of us from school times seem daunting and distant from life. Continue reading That conceal our genes?

Passport to immortality: how to extend the life of 10 years?

pass“Every breath brings us closer to the grave”,-assures the English physician named Kenneth Barth. Not figuratively, but literally. The fact that oxygen is not only the basis and prerequisite for life, but a poison to our body. More precisely, for the cells that are exposed to chemical reactions occurring with the oxygen in the blood, are oxidized and die. In a scientific way is called oxidative stress. Cells are destroyed, the metabolism is impaired, there are different diseases, ranging from asthma to cancer. At a young age the body still have enough forces to resist oxidative stress and to maintain the balance, but the older a person becomes, the less its forces to fight. Continue reading Passport to immortality: how to extend the life of 10 years?

Diet in fun: lose weight without problems

skinDo you want to lose weight and don’t know where to start? You just need to make a decision-taking power over weight in their hands and move to the goal.
To reduce the weight of Dietitians advise calorie diet to normalize and balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, create an optimal reception frequency of the food. One option for a one-day supply may be:
Breakfast: cereal, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, cheese
Lunch: chicken or beef diet, seafood, rice, buckwheat, beans, and vegetables. Continue reading Diet in fun: lose weight without problems

Myself a nutritionist

nutrition1. Diet or sport?
Before you sit down to diet, find out whether you have extra weight, because it is possible, you need not a nutritionist, and a good coach. You can find this by using the body mass index (BMI), which is in the normal weight gain in women is 19-24, 5. For girls increased 171 cm tall and weighs 70 kg BMI is 23.5. Rate is well within the norm and, therefore, his tummy problem should be solved in the gym and not through dieting. Continue reading Myself a nutritionist

How to remove belly weekly downloads

bellyIs it possible to remove the stomach in a week? Of course! But don’t expect miraculous changes in such a short time, because it is quite a laborious process. A lot depends on your initial settings. One you want to remove just a few centimeters from the belly and the other-all twenty. The bigger your initial settings, the more slowly should go through Continue reading How to remove belly weekly downloads