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Methods of hair removal: what to choose you?

hair rThe desire to get rid of black hairs on the body of plagues usually occurs in adolescence and continues unabated until his old age. Most women and men preferred to have it feel as if the hair they grow only on the head, not the face, in axillary holes, legs, Bikini area and other parts of the body. Curious to see that the dictates of fashion to smooth skin without a hint of vegetation topic hair growth and getting rid of them is still taboo for many women. (more…)

Surgitron-radiosurgery effects on tissue

Surgitron is a method of radiosurgery, which consists in the dissection of biological tissues using a narrowly focused radio wave energy of high frequency (within 4000 kHz). A similar name has and the device, which is effect of radiosurgery in the fabric. Modern medicine continues its intensive development, resulting in almost every year in the world market (more…)

Electrology: the proven method of hair removal

As a way of removing depilation of body hair is known for a long time, and many beauty salons have a positive experience in its application. Modern devices to enable you to pick up these combinations electroplasty modes to help you to find an individual approach and will match her hair. (more…)

Surprise all the new color of your eyes!

Summer … And want something new, something to change in yourself, in your face People with shining eyes that seem to exude light, were always considered to be the most healthy and spiritual. The infamous twinkle in India is an indication of the huge stock of even the vital energy. Rather than dimmer, the weaker eye and (more…)