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Herbal medicine: lose weight with herbs

herbalMedicinal herbs-a powerful remedy for many diseases known to humanity since ancient times. Not surprisingly, the herbal medicine-herbal treatment, is today more and more supporters, after all, with a strong therapeutic effect herbs are still the gift of nature and the human body only. Of course, these are the plants that were grown and extracted in environmentally friendly areas or purchased in the certified pharmacies and health shops. (more…)

Cellulite diet: fight orange peel!

cellMany celebrities suffer from cellulite is much larger than we are with you. We leave in the summer on the beach or take a thin dressing gown in front of a man in the hope that no one will notice. Heavier stars-paparazzi to notice everything and pictures of cellulite legs Hollywood beauties fall into the public domain. (more…)

Hair-lightening procedure & damages

Dodge is the process of removing the hair pigment, natural or not, no matter what product you use. Any tool that makes the hair at least four tones lighter removes pigments and thus lightening always leads to hair damage. The degree of damage depends on the quality of the used equipment and condition hair to lighten. (more…)

Makeup in the heat: to stand still!

Hot weather – a serious test for the skin. But you want to stay beautiful even at this time. Our tips will help you learn the basics of make-up and stable look confident in the hottest day.

That cosmetics are not dripping, prefer waterproof cosmetic products.
Base for make-up

Base for make-up makes the skin more visually healthy, and skin tone – even. Waterproof base for make-up to cope with these problems, and provides a long and lasting effect. If you want your make-up lasted all day, use a special base for make-up – a primer. And (more…)