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Effective exercises for streets

It’s no secret that fitness outdoors is more efficient and useful for the organism. But not always there are specially equipped sports complex.

skinproblemsolution.com presents a selection of exercises which can be performed anywhere, whether it’s a park or playground in the Continue reading Effective exercises for streets

Health under the Jingle of coins

jingleThis time you decided to do a figure. But I don’t want to starve and until exhaustion “stick” in the gym. Then dance!

Well, in a sense, turn to bellidensom or in common-belly dance! Surprised? Remember the Asian women’s standard of beauty: small waist, fat tits, round hips. Of course, no guarantees instant results. All will depend on you. But a ton of fun, cheerfulness and energy will get! All in order. Continue reading Health under the Jingle of coins

Astrofitnes in August: wind of change

astroHow nice that now the summer and to do exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. Nature-natural environment. She is amazing, unique and most importantly, free. The wind and the Sun, and the smells of the herbs, and rain-all for nothing!
Postpone our classes into the street. You’ll need an open place, where the wind blows. Although Leo is a fire sign, wind it is simply necessary because no fire cannot burn without oxygen. We need 3 weak wind that gently riding the hot body exercises. Continue reading Astrofitnes in August: wind of change

Exercises for your arms

armsSpeaking of beautiful shape that most women and men are firm buttock muscles, thin waist and a beautiful shapely legs. That’s only about hands somehow say rather seldom, although no one wants to be overweight and flabby skin in this part of the body. Continue reading Exercises for your arms

The advantages of vertical Pilates

pilates.jpg2Pilates is a system of exercises, open by Joseph Pilates
more than a hundred years ago. Nowadays it is a very popular destination.

However, few people know that Pilates can be
variety. For example, Pilates mat, pilates ring, Pilates, vertical, etc. Continue reading The advantages of vertical Pilates