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Effective exercises for streets

It’s no secret that fitness outdoors is more efficient and useful for the organism. But not always there are specially equipped sports complex.

skinproblemsolution.com presents a selection of exercises which can be performed anywhere, whether it’s a park or playground in the (more…)

Health under the Jingle of coins

jingleThis time you decided to do a figure. But I don’t want to starve and until exhaustion “stick” in the gym. Then dance!

Well, in a sense, turn to bellidensom or in common-belly dance! Surprised? Remember the Asian women’s standard of beauty: small waist, fat tits, round hips. Of course, no guarantees instant results. All will depend on you. But a ton of fun, cheerfulness and energy will get! All in order. (more…)

Astrofitnes in August: wind of change

astroHow nice that now the summer and to do exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. Nature-natural environment. She is amazing, unique and most importantly, free. The wind and the Sun, and the smells of the herbs, and rain-all for nothing!
Postpone our classes into the street. You’ll need an open place, where the wind blows. Although Leo is a fire sign, wind it is simply necessary because no fire cannot burn without oxygen. We need 3 weak wind that gently riding the hot body exercises. (more…)

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