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Magic mascara

The carcass is credited with the most striking quality. Some companies even build on their advertising campaigns. For example, the American company Maybelline, according to its history, grew out of the carcass. The company’s founder, chemist T.l. Williams came up with mascara based CD of Vaseline and coal black for his sister, which tossed (more…)

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)-correction of abdominal stenkisno

Tummy Tuck requires when you stretch the skin and muscles of the abdomen after pregnancy, with the sharp rapid weight loss and in some other cases. This is a very difficult plastic surgery can cause a number of complications. Therefore, it requires highly skilled plastic surgeon. (more…)

Removal of warts-treatment by the doctor

Most people first try to remove your warts home remedies. If everything is done correctly, home treatment is successful and less painful than the procedure carried out by a beautician or a doctor. If you’re not sure what education do you have on your skin is the wart and/or if you have diabetes, peripheral artery disease (more…)

Allergic to cold-inadequate immune reaction of the body

Some people have in response to cold exposure on the skin appears large, towering above the surface of the skin rash that quickly spreads across the surface of the body and merges into huge conglomerates. This rash disappears as quickly as it started. Many people ask themselves the question, what is it? (more…)

Steam room and sauna. Rules of conduct (it is useful to know)

During the crusades in England was established by one of the highest honours — order of bathhouses, which at that time was handed over to the Knights, dropped in a devastating cholera epidemics and plague to bath. The best way to deep cleanse the skin are the sauna (dry sauna) and steam (steam bath).Heat the oil in a water homemade bath to warm State, add a few drops of lemon juice. Thanks to the heat opens the pores, are dead skin flakes removed excess fat to be allocated to the sebaceous glands. Inside are (more…)

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