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Low blood pressure during pregnancy

low pressureHormone adjustment of the organism during pregnancy often causes low blood pressure, with many bodies pregnant (heart, brain, kidneys, and other organs and tissues) do not receive sufficient amounts of oxygen, which can cause exacerbation of chronic pathology in future mom and development of severe toxicosis.

Low blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to a reduction of blood flow velocity in the placenta and the baby is not receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients, which can cause severe (more…)

Season update: body wraps for weight loss

weightDreaming of sunny beaches and already go through choosing the most fashionable swimwear? And what about with shape? During the winter a lot of girls are overweight, but with the arrival of spring would have to discard bulky camouflage in the form of stretched down-padded coats and sweaters. So start preparing for the season of mini-skirts and sexy studs right now, good time you still abound! (more…)

Almonds: the secret to healthy snacking Nina Dobrev

almondsIn the new issue of the American Journal of Self, released this month, is a pleasant surprise for all fans of the vampire Diaries-interview with its star Nina Dobrev. She talks about family traditions, the credo and to, filming “Diaries” and relations with colleagues on site, the love of Yoga and healthy food. “Starve to be slim,” it’s not mine, (more…)