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Entertaining contraception

enjoyIt turns out, planning the birth of children, there have been many millennia ago.

Egyptians used crocodile dung as a contraceptive (and help!), Roman hetaera-gold rings, and a lover of all time next to preserve beloved preferred Casanova from unwanted offspring of lemon rind. The Indians were forced to chew some of Squaw with parsley and most naïve of our great-grandmothers-slavanok firmly believed: after the carnal appetites of three times to spit in the mouth of the frog-and conception Continue reading Entertaining contraception

Your enemy-cigarette

ciggerateAfter the meal, before going to sleep, while nervous shocks hands are drawn to cigarette. But what harm you or myself, consuming at least one! When you smoke you inhale, it passes through the mouth and into the lungs, where it accumulates in the form of resins. Smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals, including cancer-causing substances. Many of them come to your blood. For example, carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the blood. Do you know where she is? The exhaust from the machines. Continue reading Your enemy-cigarette

A la carte menu with the mind: how to reduce harm, not throwing smoke?

cigSmoking-health harm. Knows that each of us, and even as a child zarekaetsa ever “take the poison” into his mouth. However, the word retard few-smoking have tried virtually everything. Someone this “fun” not inspired, and someone can’t live without cigarettes and day. As life shows, neither social advertising nor a warning of the Health Ministry cannot force throw heavy smokers of their habit. To do this, you only need a strong personal motive. Continue reading A la carte menu with the mind: how to reduce harm, not throwing smoke?