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That conceal our genes?

fitnessWhy have one pair is born a boy with brown eyes, while the other is a girl with green? Why do some positive RH factor blood and some negative, some have low blood pressure, and someone is high?

The answers to these difficult questions gives genetics, which most of us from school times seem daunting and distant from life. Continue reading That conceal our genes?

Lack of sleep leads to obesity

obesityIt turns out those little sleep, disturbed the natural balance of the hormones leptin and ghrelin, responsible for hunger and satiety. The fast pace of modern life makes a person less sleep and to spin, like a squirrel in a wheel, and the results of this abuse of the body does not make us wait.

What do I do? Sleep-deprived, meet scientists. If you want to know how many hours you have to spend under a blanket, take a week of vacation and device testing. A couple of days of sleep to satiety, but on the third lie down in the usual time, exclusively for all sources of noise and keep your time when Continue reading Lack of sleep leads to obesity

Sex and obesity: getting rid of complexes in bed

sexMany girls suffer from shyness in bed, and each second during sex can not relax and have fun because of the extra pounds.

Yes, the extra weight is a hindrance for sex!

First, it prevents the purely physically. Full bulging belly, hips and create a lot of inconvenience for both partners.

Secondly, complex of imperfection does not allow you to relax and focus on the process itself. Continue reading Sex and obesity: getting rid of complexes in bed

Eat right: in every age its secrets

calPower system may not be the same in 20 and 30 years. You are changing, and your diet should change together with you. It is known that every 10 years the metabolic processes are slowed down to 2% and bring with them a whopping 2 extra pounds! To every birthday brought only joy, not the extra centimetres to waist, you need to reduce your calorie intake for the same 2%. Let’s say your daily diet-2500 kcal, 2% of that $ 50 kcal-a little more than a teaspoon of butter. Admit it, it’s not the price for harmony! Continue reading Eat right: in every age its secrets

The banana diet

bananaBanana diet: the medical side of the coin.

Banana diet is ideal for those who have problems with the intestines and kidneys. Bananas are also useful in disease of the stomach and pancreas, especially for gastritis Continue reading The banana diet