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Ear piercings-sophisticated simplicity

ear piercingPeople since ancient times pierced different parts of the body itself, so this is most definitely not decoration is considered new. And if the pierced tongue, eyebrow or lip was and still is considered a sign of dissent and a selection from the crowd, which is expressed Continue reading Ear piercings-sophisticated simplicity

Plastic surgery: the drug of the 21st century?

psA few years ago in the United States was a scandal: TV star Heidi Montag in one day has done 10 plastic surgery. Before that Heidi has been patient clinics of plastic surgery. She is only 23 years.

In the 2006 edition of the Times of London published an article on  disorder or syndrome of imagined ugliness. Continue reading Plastic surgery: the drug of the 21st century?

Soft, beautiful skin, dry brush exfoliation

Accumulation of dead skin cells can cause some very unfortunate problems-from dry to weedy pores and dull, unhealthy looking skin. Removing the layer of dead cells every day helps stimulate skin renewal process, thanks to which it looks soft, healthy and radiant. Dry brush exfoliation is the easiest and cheapest method to remove the dead skin layer, which can be effectively and quickly get rid of dead skin cells. Continue reading Soft, beautiful skin, dry brush exfoliation

Ear surgery, its types, indications and contraindications

Ugly ears often cause chronic stress and even cause a change of character. Therefore, if your ears really spoil the appearance, it makes sense to turn to a plastic surgeon. But the point is that sometimes the ears have a very normal kind of person, and for some reason it seems like they’re just terrible. A plastic surgeon will help here: it will tell and show you examples of what the ear indeed require correction. Continue reading Ear surgery, its types, indications and contraindications

Skin-protection against impacts

Rash on the skin of the face is most likely to occur in adolescence, when the defects in the face area are especially sharp, down to the violations of the psyche. To cope with this problem, you need to know how our skin and why at this age, she cannot cope with infection. Continue reading Skin-protection against impacts