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A new way to enlightenment — dance!

DanceThe dance is, first of all, attitude. How do you feel the surrounding space as you perceive information flows and how to realize himself in these threads. Dance is the ability to tell using body as poet soul.

And that soul and body could most effectively merge the creative ecstasy and achieve harmony, is to decide what you would like to achieve in the “physical” and the “philosophical-aesthetic”. Continue reading A new way to enlightenment — dance!

How to recognize varicose veins?

veinsTo the question “what is varicosity?” we usually answer, “Varices is swollen blue veins in the legs”. That is not quite true. Swollen vein-a sign that the disease is already in the running stage. However, in the initial stage of varices is almost unnoticeable, and only a doctor can recognize it memberships. But few people would go to a specialist, when external signs of impending trouble there. Continue reading How to recognize varicose veins?

Effective treatment of cystitis

cytisisCystitis “title =” effective treatment of cystitis “class =” imagecache imagecache-body-150 x 150/> “according to statistics, every second woman at least once in a lifetime experience with symptoms of cystitis, which usually manifest themselves in the form of frequent painful urination, lower abdominal pain, pain and burning sensations. In some cases these are added fever and nausea. Continue reading Effective treatment of cystitis

Benefit or injury: myths and facts about ketoprofene

ketrophoneFor sure you or your relatives checked ketoprofen or ointment
based on it. For example, when Grandpa pereusedstvoval seedbeds and complained of pain
in the back, or when you skated with a girlfriend of new commercials that have stretched the
the ligament. Continue reading Benefit or injury: myths and facts about ketoprofene

Diet for stomach ulcer

gasGastric ulcer-an insidious disease

A stomach ulcer is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, in which the mucous membranes of the stomach or duodenum formed 12 damage, moving later on the stage of the cancer. Symptoms of peptic ulcer include: sharp pain that occurs from every 2-4 hours after a meal or on an empty stomach near the end Continue reading Diet for stomach ulcer