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5 types of wraps to any and

wrapDo you think, the beauty and the dirt is incompatible? And here and there, you forgot about the wraps. Cosmopolitan Beauty had prepared a review of gremucih and blends that will quickly lead body in order.

Choose according to your taste

Chocolate Continue reading 5 types of wraps to any and

How to treat hand skin

hand skinAshamed to take off gloves due to flaking and dryness of the skin, and elbows and does have year round hide under sweaters? We asked leading nail-masters of popular brands, how to properly care for your hands.


The first phase of the recovery program is to exfoliate. Can be used as finished peeling and made yourself: just mix sugar with coconut oil. After you apply a Continue reading How to treat hand skin

Chemical peels: Let’s change the skin?

Uncontrollable pace of scientific and technological progress is a powerful thing, dear Lady. The new procedures, medications and other polumističeskie funds for the preservation and promotion of our charms-new products are appearing every day, if not every hour. Thousands of different companies around the world simply crave save Continue reading Chemical peels: Let’s change the skin?

Mini plastic: be younger!

The first signs of aging on the face do not please anyone. They may appear, even though a careful move – affecting gas polluted air, stress. But this is not a reason for serious plastic surgery!

Today, plastic surgery centers offer all sparing technique. Discharge procedure from mini plastic can stop time without radical surgery. True, the summer can be used, not all of them.

Peeling. A chemical peel is one of the most common procedures that perform plastic surgery centers. Cosmetologists solution applied to the skin acids – glycolic, lactic and fruit. After that, remove the upper horny layer of the skin – special brushes or ultrasound. Continue reading Mini plastic: be younger!

Moisturizing the skin in the evening period

Night creams contain fat-soluble vitamins based on their type, they provide the saturation of the skin with special nutrients for a period of sleep. It was during this period of time the skin is most required nutrients and better just accept the cream. To do this, use the special syrovotki that have enough light texture. It is important to take into account the peculiarity that the cream does not bear the usual chaotic motions , and directly along the massage lines. Applied a cream from Continue reading Moisturizing the skin in the evening period