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The wine diet

wineAlmost every modern diet implies complete renunciation of alcohol. It seemed like such a small thing! And it is precisely this becomes a stumbling block for many people. In front of you is a stark choice: either to drink and get fat, or lose weight, but not to drink. However, it is worth remembering the French, who are happy to drink wine and champagne in the evenings and remain one of the most slender of Nations. Continue reading The wine diet

The ideal age for sex

sexSexologists knows: sexual attraction to women in some periods of life stronger, in others is greatly reduced, but never for life does not disappear completely (of course, provided that the woman is healthy). This opinion specialists completely destroys the established myth that sex is a privilege of youth. We asked the gynecologist, candidate of medical sciences Marina Natarovu tell how many woman want sex. Continue reading The ideal age for sex

Effective treatment of cystitis

cytisisCystitis “title =” effective treatment of cystitis “class =” imagecache imagecache-body-150 x 150/> “according to statistics, every second woman at least once in a lifetime experience with symptoms of cystitis, which usually manifest themselves in the form of frequent painful urination, lower abdominal pain, pain and burning sensations. In some cases these are added fever and nausea. Continue reading Effective treatment of cystitis

Fast diet: 5 main secrets

5 dietYou do not need to use harmful fast diets, buckwheat, sit down or even go hungry for two days before the holiday. Such experiences will not bring anything good. There are more humane ways to rapidly bring yourself into shape, which is often used by Hollywood celebrities. We found a few secrets of harmony and beauty of the star diet-guru and we are glad to share them with you! Continue reading Fast diet: 5 main secrets

A good balanced diet

balanced dietA good balanced diet can greatly facilitate the course of the disease. About diet in bronchial asthma are discussed in this section because most practitioners rely in his treatment of it. First of all, provided sufficient calorie and easy digestibility of diet the patient must assume daily consumption of vegetables, fruits, products from various grains, beans, lean meat and fish. Use canned, smoked products, sauerkraut, tomatoes, Continue reading A good balanced diet