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Plastic surgery lead to depression?

plasticIn Canada, a study was conducted which found that women who go under the knife, plastic surgeons are more prone to depression than ladies do not resort to such procedures. 24558 took part in the experiment of the women have seen over 24 years.
So far, there is a question about that here, and what is the reason for the investigation. Whether going to the plastic surgeon, women with certain psychological problems or the problems appear after surgery? (more…)

Created by tightening the “bra-invisible man

bfIf you are not happy with the shape of their breasts, tired of wearing firming bra while doing plastic surgery does not dare, you may want to consider a different variant of the bust. Israeli researchers suggest women wear ‘ bra-the invisible man, “which is implanted just under the skin. (more…)

Facelift-does the aging of

The most visible signs of aging occur on the face, that makes millions of men and women worldwide seek the help of a plastic surgeons. A private appearance should not make us frustration and irritation. Our reflection in the mirror should give us the pleasure of both morning and evening. With age on his face appear traces of permanent action of gravity, solar radiation and stress. (more…)

Non-surgical facelift and its types

Types of non-invasive facelift offered today and if set correctly and on time to use them, then we can push back the time of the plastic surgery facelift and body indefinitely. What is the method of non-surgical facelift choose?

What is a non-surgical facelift and its types

Non surgical facelift – a procedure that contribute facelift or body without the use of plastic surgery. Most often used for non-surgical facelift cosmetic hardware methods that do have a marked positive effect on the skin. (more…)

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