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Plastic surgery: the drug of the 21st century?

psA few years ago in the United States was a scandal: TV star Heidi Montag in one day has done 10 plastic surgery. Before that Heidi has been patient clinics of plastic surgery. She is only 23 years.

In the 2006 edition of the Times of London published an article on  disorder or syndrome of imagined ugliness. (more…)

Ear surgery, its types, indications and contraindications

Ugly ears often cause chronic stress and even cause a change of character. Therefore, if your ears really spoil the appearance, it makes sense to turn to a plastic surgeon. But the point is that sometimes the ears have a very normal kind of person, and for some reason it seems like they’re just terrible. A plastic surgeon will help here: it will tell and show you examples of what the ear indeed require correction. (more…)

Breast plastic surgery: to bring to perfection?

Breast plastic surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery. Some of these operations are quite simple, such as breast augmentation with implants. And here’s the breast reduction is a much more complex operation because it may be accompanied by severe complications.

What is breast surgery and its types

Breast plastic surgery is plastic surgery performed on his chest with both (more…)

Stop, the moment, or why aging skin?

Why is aging skin?

70% of aging are caused not by age, but by the influence of the environment and especially the UV rays. Other reasons: active mimicry, nicotine, illness …

As a result of the adverse impact of changing the layer of skin deteriorates and interferes with the blood supply to the cells. All this provokes wrinkles and laxity. Trouble can be avoided if the right to protect and care for your skin. <! – More -> (more…)