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No surprises: signs of pregnancy

pregJust all of a sudden in the middle of summer to want pickles as
instantly the head creeps into the thought: “what if I’m pregnant?”. For someone
It can be a life-long happiness, and for someone not quite welcome

Of course, one of the most reliable signs of pregnancy
-absence of menstruation and a positive pregnancy test. However, do not
everything is so simple, why else then held many complex analyses? (more…)

Red wine: the secret to beautiful skin Charlize Theron

anjjelBeauty Charlize Theron as she lay tracks would prefer to sit with friends over a glass of good wine. One red instead of another? A good choice, especially when you consider that this pastime not only improves mood and relationships with others, but also the appearance. Not so much talk lately about the anti-aging effect of components of red wine. (more…)