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Entertaining contraception

enjoyIt turns out, planning the birth of children, there have been many millennia ago.

Egyptians used crocodile dung as a contraceptive (and help!), Roman hetaera-gold rings, and a lover of all time next to preserve beloved preferred Casanova from unwanted offspring of lemon rind. The Indians were forced to chew some of Squaw with parsley and most naïve of our great-grandmothers-slavanok firmly believed: after the carnal appetites of three times to spit in the mouth of the frog-and conception (more…)

The immune system of the child: If the child frequently suffers from

childrenIf the child during the year migrates from one to three
viral infectious disease of the respiratory system, panic is not worth it. Another
the case, if the child suffers from diseases occur more frequently with complications (bronchitis,
pneumonia, sinusitis, otitis) and last for weeks, if repeated serious
infectious diseases that should shape the immune system for life (more…)

Skin diseases

Our skin serves as a sort of calling card, a reflective age, lifestyle, occupation, habits. On the skin, you can even make a diagnosis when a person is suffering from any disease. The skin is not only a cover for the body, but very complex entity that performs important functions in protecting the body (more…)

The appearance of melanomas

When it comes to such serious diseases as chalk-noma skin, most likely to believe the most different and sometimes quite absurd statements. Try to understand what misconceptions on “chalk-noma skin” the most tenacious and the position of conventional medicine in this regard.

Children are almost faced with melanoma. (more…)