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My hair on Granny’s recipes

granny receipeWe used to wash your hair with shampoo and rinsed out balm. But it turns out there are a lot of folk remedies for hair care. The recipes are simple, all the tools can be easily made at home, and your hair will look after them no worse than after the expensive shampoos and masks. Continue reading My hair on Granny’s recipes

The problem of excess Sebaceous excretions-oily hair

Greasy hair is not so bad, but they require special care, without which not only the hair, but the whole look of the person acquires the features of slovenliness and remains. As always, increased oiliness of the hair (and everything that has to do with skin) depends on the State of the human endocrine system. Continue reading The problem of excess Sebaceous excretions-oily hair

Beautiful hair is the norm

Healthy and beautiful hair is often the dream, not the norm. Exposure to the sun, wind and water in the summer, dry winter air, stress, poor nutrition, frequent use of hair dryer and styling – and our tresses lose its luster, become brittle and lifeless. But all of these troubles can easily be addressed, you only pay a little attention to yourself and to perform basic rules of hair. <! – More ->

Hair types and suitable shampoo good basic condition of the hair and scalp is washing. Wash your hair should be as often as necessary, but wash – Continue reading Beautiful hair is the norm

Static electricity? Flogged? Saving hair!

Fine hair often go awry, and combing into a torture sometimes does not save even a comb with a few teeth. How to make hair more manageable?

The reason for confusion is often damage the surface layer of the hair. Damaged scales bristling in all directions, clinging to one another, hair entangled, they are difficult to comb. Continue reading Static electricity? Flogged? Saving hair!

Care for oily hair

If you wash your hair every day, it does not give the dermal salu distributed to all hair, gluing them in tow. Of course, the correct thing would be to choose a shampoo designed for normal hair. This shampoo contains active cleansing substances that are very soft and can wash your hair every day, not hurting them, and do not irritate the scalp, causing it to salt away much earlier. But the shampoo designed for oily hair, contains a more active and concentrated detergents. These shampoos should be used when your hair is greasy and matted in locks. Continue reading Care for oily hair