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Select appropriate comb for perfect hairstyles

picIf you believe the stylists and hairdressers, correctly picked up a comb is half of hair care. At the same time, it is clear that metal or plastic comb can neutralize all efforts in the fight for a beautiful head of hair.

Using a simple guide from Skinproblemsolution you will be able to select the comb and with renewed efficiency to take care of your hair. (more…)

Surprise all the new color of your eyes!

Summer … And want something new, something to change in yourself, in your face People with shining eyes that seem to exude light, were always considered to be the most healthy and spiritual. The infamous twinkle in India is an indication of the huge stock of even the vital energy. Rather than dimmer, the weaker eye and (more…)

Ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasonic peeling – a cosmetic procedure, which consists of a superficial peeling of the skin using ultrasound. Thanks to the sound waves of certain length and intensity of the micro is a person who helps to get rid of various weaknesses, such as acne, enlarged pores and dullness of the skin, shine, and other aesthetic problems. During the procedure, the following processes: (more…)

The perfect makeup for the entire wedding day

1. Compact Powder Mosaic Prisme Again! Givenchy. She Champion in the number of nice bonuses. First, it consists of 4 colored sections. So, if you raskrasneetes from a glass of champagne or pale with emotion at the registry office, to adjust the tone of the person you would not be difficult. Second, instead of the usual sponge attached to it a handy soft brush, which ensures an even (more…)

Lash extension or grow

In the near cabin can do eyelash extensions and today fascinate fans waved the “new” its beauties. And you can, a little patience, the same luxury to grow, but their own.

Help grow eyelashes nourishing oils – burdock, castor, almond, peach, wheat germ oil. Should be applied to any cilia listed oil in its pure form or with the addition of an oil solution of vitamin E, the result will be noticeable when used regularly over two weeks. (more…)