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Remote gall bladder diet

The gall bladder is a very important organ, which plays an important role in the process of digestion. The operation to remove it-this is an emergency measure aimed at preventing severe complications. Without the gallbladder to live, of course, you can, but the rest of my life will have to keep to a diet.

The reasons why can be removed gallbladder (more…)

Sexually transmitted disease

In recent years the number of patients with sexually transmitted diseases has increased dramatically, which certainly represents a great danger to society. A number of these diseases is proceeding with nevarajenna symptoms and this is one of the reasons for their rapid spread. In addition, venereal diseases are often the cause of infertility, which affects the demographic situation in the country. (more…)

How to become beautiful solarium harm and benefit

H ow to become beautiful? Sunbathe or not to sunbathe? Solarium – this is helpful or harmful?

“W agorelaya as farmer”, – said, not hiding contempt whites aristocrats of the nineteenth century. Noble ladies walked, hiding from the sun with umbrellas and veils, as an interesting pallor was a symbol of high social status and related material prosperity. All that changed not long ago – in the late 20’s of the XX century, when the game is not always on the rules of Coco Chanel, along with the fashion for short hair, open bathing suits and little black dresses, and has (more…)