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Oriental recipes: Sun protection

sun protectSun Protection

Knowledge and rich experience of East medicine and cosmetology kopilis′ for centuries. So far eastern beauties prefer natural cosmetics for face, body and hair care whatever. We offer you some simple, yet effective, a time-tested Oriental Beauty recipes. (more…)

Ultraviolet therapy: an effective treatment of skin diseases

Narrowband ultraviolet irradiation – a type of phototherapy in vitiligo, eczema, and psoriasis. Often require a similar procedure and other skin diseases. First practice of narrowband ultraviolet radiation appeared in the U.S. in the mid-nineties.

Phototherapy: Key Facts

Phototherapy – the process of irradiation of individual skin patient dosed light. Artificial light, which the patient is exposed during the procedure, a beam of ultraviolet light generated by fluorescent lights, lasers or light (more…)

Disorders of skin pigmentation. Skin diseases

Color of skin and mucous membranes of man is due mainly to qualitative and quantitative ratio of five major pigments: melanin, melanoid, carotene, reduced and oxidized hemoglobin. Pigmentary disorders (dyschromia) – strengthening or weakening of the normal color of skin – the result of dysfunction of melanosomes (pigment cells) are closely related with the content in the body of vitamins, enzymes, state of the endocrine system , genetic factors. Lack of vitamins A, C, PP enhances melanogenesis, lack of B vitamins – reduces it. The activity of melanosomes affected by the adrenal hormones, (more…)

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