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Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Eat sunflower seeds

Today on the shelves a huge variety of snacks. Recommend that you leave the bag of chips for enemies and themselves take the pumpkin seeds. They contain substances that make skin elastic, prevent the emergence of black spots, improve the condition of hair and nails. Eat on handfuls of seeds per day and you verify their effectiveness. (more…)

Beautiful hair is the norm

Healthy and beautiful hair is often the dream, not the norm. Exposure to the sun, wind and water in the summer, dry winter air, stress, poor nutrition, frequent use of hair dryer and styling – and our tresses lose its luster, become brittle and lifeless. But all of these troubles can easily be addressed, you only pay a little attention to yourself and to perform basic rules of hair. <! – More ->

Hair types and suitable shampoo good basic condition of the hair and scalp is washing. Wash your hair should be as often as necessary, but wash – (more…)

Disk herniation treatment: help gymnastics and swimming

Intervertebral hernia often associated with a sedentary lifestyle because of the weakened muscles of the spine can not properly hold it in an upright position. Therefore, prevention of this disease are gymnastics and especially swimming.

All of the herniated

Intervertebral hernia occurs due to rupture of the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc (intervertebral disc – it crashpad between the individual vertebrae, which is composed of fibrous or connective tissue of the ring (more…)

Fitness tips for women over fifty

For those who regularly engage in fitness to fifties, there is a significant advantage: they certainly have long followed this advice. But even if you’ve engaged in fitness only from time to time, never too late to start. For women over 50 regular fitness classes are especially useful – they help reduce some menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. (more…)

Caloric fruit: Calories are everywhere

In the spring of almost all the women reminisce about her figure. A few extra pounds, the addition of the winter, often prevents them from sleep. But what if we go on a fruit diet? After all, they probably contain almost no calories. This must be properly sorted out.

What is a calorie

Calorie – a unit of measurement of energy. With one calorie can heat one ml of water by one degree C. 1000 calories equals 1 kilocalorie. About a (more…)

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